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Welcome !!!

Thrilled to announce that I will joining a NYC reading of "A Room With A View" this June. Sooo funnn!

My journey as
 Annie Wilkes in Stephen King's psychological thriller MISERYat the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA.,   and the Forestburgh Playhouse is over, but may be visiting her again soon?  Stay tuned!   

Maggie Jones had a hoofin' good time in the Riverside Theatre's 50th Anniversary production of 42nd Street...Woot!    

Please stay tuned to see what adventures are next!    :)

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What people are saying :


Dear Lanene, We were glued to your performance this past weekend. Without knowing it, Hubby and I stared at your antics each time you were onstage. We voiced our comparisons after the show and discovered we were both entranced by your acting abilities. Not since we saw the "undiscovered" Kevin Kline On the 20th Century years ago on Broadway did we feel this way. Perhaps "swallowing fish" is in your future. Best wishes to you, and may a producer who knows talent be in your near future.  Regards, Lois & Curt Brown - Lancaster, PA.


I started my note-taking Friday night jotting the names of the musical's best actors.  As Helen the wife, Lanene Charters awed me with her frantic "Welcome to Our House on Maple Avenue" (OH!).  She is the one who dramatically tells Allison the father's story. The director, Kate Galvin, settled for no less than top-notch talent for this production. - Herald-Times by Connie Shakalis


Lastly, I would be remiss, if I did not mention the fine work of Lanene Charters as Ralphie's teacher, Miss Sheilds. She reveals a well-developed set of pipes, a great sense of chaotic humor, and a powerhouse tap routine (thanks to Mara Newbery Greer, choreographer) during her second act number which lead to a round of loud, appreciative applause. - Broadway World by Rich Mehrenberg


Lanene Charters is absolutely hysterical as Ralphie’s teacher Miss Shields. The character of Miss Shields gets many of the more outrageous fantasy scenes and embraces every comedic moment with flair and excitement. Her second act 1930’s influenced jazz number “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” is a true tour de force that leaves the audience spell bounded by her incredible talent and timing with the wonderful group of kids. -The Snapper by Josh Rittenberg


"Maggie Jones I feel could become an underrated character in the show, but Lanene Charters gave her a vitality that really drew me in. She struck me as being the "cheerleader" of everyone in the show. She lends a helping hand to Peggy, soothes Dorothy, and helps out Julian when the show is not quite going his way. Charters is also quite the "hoofer," as they say in the show, and I feel she blended right in the girls she mothered through the ins and outs of show-biz." — Broadway World by Celeste Caraker


"Just a quick note to say that your performance in Mamma Mia last night was simply amazing. We have seen productions all over the country and never had one actress stand out like you did. Thank you for a wonderful evening and memories of a lifetime. You were so very funny, believable, and awe inspiring. The scarf between your legs brought down the house, haha....Thank You!" - Greg and Angie Mars, WI.


"Lanene Charters, of Broadway's MAMMA MIA, is great fun to watch, particularly as the former girlfriend who'll just finish her drink and leave, or so she thinks. Her ability to move from elegant middle-aged suburban housewife with a Liz Taylor coif and poise to age-defying (or denying) Jersey girl to harried mother-of-the-bride with a family crisis is dizzying; though the first and third women have much in common, she's quite definitely completely transformed as Muriel, the married-to-someone-else mother who's got a celebrity crush on her high school sweetheart". Broadway World, by Marakay Rogers



“Lanene Charters steamrolls through with Betty Boop moves and savvy, New York tenacity as Gloria, his American paramour.  She and the cast plunges into a broad, breathless, impeccably-timed production, delivering some predictably comic turns and some refreshingly surprising twists”.   - Roger McBain, The Courier Press



“But the stand-out performance here is definitely the delightful Lanene Charters as the zany hairdresser, Paulette. She is a firecracker in constant sizzle, ready to explode in her show-stopping number, “Ireland”.” - Bill Beard of The Rock River Times


"Another highlight for me was Lanene Charters as Deb, secretary to Buddy's jaded biological father. She may have been a minor character, but what intrigued me about Charters portrayal was the way she showed her own inner "Buddy" so freely when he came on the scene. She, like many of us out there potentially, already has that inner "sparklejollytwinklejingley" and needs only the right push to let it show". - Broadway World, Indianapolis


“The two ‘lovey dovey’ couples were very much on target. Lanene Charters as Irene Molloy and Mathew Schwartz as Cornelius were marvelously matched.  The twosome were fearsome and great fun”.  - Time Out Review by Bill Beard


Patron at the DISNEY ON CLASSIC CONCERT at the Tokyo Forum,  Japan

“My particular favorite was the singer of Poor Unfortunate Souls.  Her power as Ursula was surprising after her comic bouncy version of Bippity-Bopppity –Boo earlier in the program…I loved her!"

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